Friday, March 25, 2011

HELP! I'm Yurt and I Can't Get Up!

I was wondering the other day how I was going to open my next blog entry. I wanted it to be interesting instead of just a mundane, humorless rambling.

WELL... I got it now!

I was in a pretty bad car wreck yesterday afternoon on my way up to the property to take care of some yurtin issues. I just nearly totaled my SUV... my poor, poor SUV. I think I am developing an unnatural attachment to it? I only had one kiddo in the truck with me, thankfully the one that gets over stuff like this relatively easily. My oldest daughter, as resilient as she is... does not handle catastrophe's like this too well.

I am thankful, however, that things were not worse. I can only give all thanks and praise to God because under the circumstances its really nothing short of a miracle that we came out of that alive. There were no oncoming cars... and I didn't have my puppies in the back like I sometimes do, or they would just have been furry little missiles out the back window.

The roads are clear around here now. The snow has receded to only a few patches around the east side of the island. However it has been bitterly cold with higher winds and flurries popping up and blowing snow. So I was going along my merry way on a road that seemed devoid of anything treacherous, when suddenly we hit a massive snow drift that covered an entire section of road. I lost a bit of control of the truck and knowing better than slamming on the breaks (not that I had time to even FIND the darn things) I held on tight trying to keep us from spinning, but the SUV just drifted from side to side. That part... was the easy part. It was hitting pavement on the other side of the drifting snow at a 25 degree angle with the wheels pointing goodness knows where going 75 kmh was when things got violent and terrifyingly out of control. I don't know how the SUV didn't roll... (thanking God for angels holding it up). We slammed into a ditch on the opposite side of the road with huge piles of snow and ice whiped around a few times before coming to a stop on the oncoming lanes shoulder of the road.

We are blessed, a bumped head and whiplash for mom and a seat belt burn and whiplash for the man-child... but we are alive and well and mommy is going to stop procrastinating making a will and called her lawyer today hahaha! Plus... I got to meet a pretty awesome gentlemen who came to our rescue and drove us where we needed to be... and maybe even made a new friend in him.

Anyways, I haven't written for a while because my life is consumed by Yurts. Those Yurts have been waiting for building permits and I didn't want to get the cart ahead of the horse by talking about progress at the property without having my ducks in a row... I finally got those long LONG awaited permits in place last week so I am now free and clear to yack about yurts. I really was blessed with such a great building inspector guy. He was so kind to me and 'in my opinion' went beyond what he had to do to make them move through the system faster. Thank you God for putting great people in my path.

Speaking of great people, I am going to start posting pictures of yurt progress and my crew of guys working on it. They have also been a huge blessing to me and I daily enjoy their humor and input in life. Never a dull moment!

Now... to figure out (again) how to post pictures on here!

The Yurts tarped and burried for months!

This is how deep the snow was at the property without much wind to carry it away... over 2 feet of pure packed down snow!


The very first post in the ground! Six feet down!


Mah Yurt has LEGS!!!

This itty bitty cable is whats holding the roof up and the entire thing together...?