Friday, July 15, 2011

(Insert Yurty Title Here)

Well, I have been out of commission for a number of weeks now and my life has been just nuts.  I don't have a lot of time right now and I'm sure reading pages long blogs on 'my' life is no ones idea of a good time!  So, just because I'm such a nice person I am going to summarize it!

The Yurt is finished!  It looks amazing!  I could not have done it without the help of my lovely guy Barry.  I'll post pictures at the end of the blog (of the Yurt, not Barry).  there are a few finishing touches yet to be done, but the overall concept is just a light and airy and beautiful space!  Its peaceful and just as I'd dreamed it to be!

Major issues include:

1. Refinancing to get a 'real' mortgage on this property with a 'Yurt'.  This is not as easy as one might think because so far in Canada... no one has ever mortgaged a property with a yurt yet :-).  I am holding out lots and lots of hope that my favorite bank in the world is going to perform a ground breaking feat of being the first institution to do this... with me.  I am so blessed and so exceeding proud of this bank for even going this far to look deeper into this with me and question the powers that be not matter the outcome... they has done good!

At times through this refinancing process I have felt at rock bottom and even 'hung out to dry'  and betrayed by some parties.  It has been really difficult to not wallow and remain hopeless and bitter.  It has provided an excellent opportunity for major TRUST IN GOD... because in all my earthly human-ness... I cannot see how on earth any of this is going to work out.

God, please help!  I can't do this!

2.  Getting insurance on a Yurt.  Yeah!  You try to convince an insurance company to insure a giant tent?  Granted its far more secure than a 'mini-home' they would normally insure seeing as its fire-retardant, mildew resistant, wind/hurricane proof, snow proof, with better warranties than most new homes... but HEY one major undertaking at a time.

Also, we have Alpaca's!  They are right there in my back yard finally.  In one weekend Barry threw up a beautiful barn and paddocks for them and still managed to smile at the end of that weekend!

And in addition to having our lovely ladies here I am pleased to announce the birth of our first Cria (baby Alpaca) "Rexy" (the man-child named him that... he names everything Rexy.  Might as well let him get it out of his system, but this is the last thing he names that!).

Rexy is special as he was born with a facial deformity we suspect to be 'wry face'.  It has been heartbreaking at times as we watched him struggle for every breath.  We waited for the first week to see if 'nature would take its course', but nature seems to think Rexy is better off with us (thank you God).  We aren't sure yet what kinds of challenges we are looking at with Rexy in the future, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.  Right now we know we are looking at 'grazing' difficulties, but for now he nurses like a pro!  His dental plate and his bottom teeth aren't even close to lining up.  He's cute and sweet and I pick him up daily for a snuggle... an action I'm sure he hasn't learned to appreciate... or ever will hehe.

(I didn't feel like erasing and rewriting what I wrote last night about Rexy.  Right now I don't think I have the heart to recapture the sweetness of the experience of having him in our lives.  Our dear baby Rexy died around 7 am this morning.  It came as a bit of a shock to me seeing as he was doing SO well walking, running, nursing and gaining weight like a pro.  He didn't seem to be having as many issues with breathing as he did in the first week and I even caught him working at pulling at some grass.  I am so sad to lose him, but the most heartbreaking part is watching his poor momma so frantic and worried and confused why her little boy wasn't getting up and why we took him away.  I loved him and he is missed.  Our first baby had such struggles and obstacles to face, but more than just being our first baby Alpaca born into our herd he has a special place in my heart.)

 Hes so darling with his little tongue hangin out of his mouth... took me 15 minutes of following them around to finally get this shot where he wasn't head first at the milk bar.

Barry and his dad building the girls new home.

Looks like a fly right?  Try horse fly and about the side of a quarter!

Hallway to the back bedroom... it needs some work, but its comin along.   I look forward to the day we have a bathroom doooooooor!

Hot day at the Yurt.  This is about the ONLY time you will ever catch Liv laying down voluntarily.

Upstairs and its new carpetting.  It is so lovely and cozy esp with the carpet now.  I am gaining a new appreciation for carpeting.

My favorite stuffed animal.  Its a pill bug or whatever.  I realize he is the ugliest thing in the world... but I like em!

Kids Room

I love my living room and my sectional sofa... most fantasticest couch in the world!

Llama named Hershey!  She is one of our new additions to the herd.

Clea.  The herd guardian for the boys at my mothers house!

Casey.  My mothers baby who is staying with us for the summer while she runs her Bed and Breakfast (Miss Ellys Place)

George the resident stud.  Took me a good 5 minutes of negotiating with him for him to let me take a picture of his face...

Elfie my most favorite girl.

Gracie our white girl.

Danny our gelded male who lives with the girls.  He waited his entire life to get his shot with the ladies and show them what he's made of.  He's finally in Alpaca heaven surrounded by the ladies and they lopped off his nads ... if thats not cruel on so many levels then I don't know what is.

Tess, for my Tess.  Shes yawning not screaming... altho shes a fiesty one!