Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yurtin it up!

Ah my faithful blog space. You have been with me for a gazillion years and have been terribly misused... mostly in the fact that you have never really been used!

But, alas! I have come to give you purpose like... oh forget it!

In my defense it probably took me like 2 years to figure out what in the world a 'blog' was even after having the darn thing and an additional 2-3 years to figure out how to use all the settings for saving and publishing and the remaining time trying to figure out why I would want to talk about 'I' and 'me' constantly.

'I' now have something to blog about! So maybe 'I' wont feel so self absorbed (haha).

Okay so lets get yall up to speed here.

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.

Moved to BC when I was... 8... I think.

Lived in BC for 20 wonderful bumpy years (I'm sure I'll have time to reflect on the good times in here)

Mom retired (she was really the only thing anchoring me in BC) so I suggested we change up life and move or... something... anything!

We decided 20 years was enough in one province and that it was time to move. BC is expensive, crime rates are rising, real estate was through the roof and then some! Not to mention it rains all the time... like ALL THE FLIPPING TIME. I could handle the rain when I lived next to a lovely mountain and river with nature all around, but man I was stuck in the city and rain just makes life look gray all over. The idea of moving up north was depressing and still somewhat expensive!

It was time for a nation wide ADVENTURE!

The process for selecting our next destination was one of great precision. It involved a map of Canada, a blindfold, a 'handy-dandy' index finger and a little twirl and a shove in the general direction of the map. We landed on Prince Edward Island. By the next week we were OFF AND RUNNING, packing, listing moms house for sale, working out what property to buy on the other end...

MY idea was to just sell, move, arrive and worry about where we were going to land when we got there... apparently thats NOT how my mother likes to do things... shocking isn't it?

Mom bought a great house that she renovated completely and turned into a vacation suite/retreat center with a little B&B action goin on upstairs in one of the spare rooms.

I decided living with mom was not my idea of a good time, so I bought land. I was thinking of buying an old house and renovating it, but I realized the cost of that could far exceed what I was willing or able to fund. Then what if something went wrong!? New wells, new septic systems, new oil tanks, furnaces, water heaters, roofs, FOUNDATIONS, new walls... yeah the list is extensive.

I cleared 5 acres off of the 55 acres of woodland for pasture and paddocks. I bought a herd of 7 Alpacas from our now dear friends :-). How is that for a completely random livestock choice? I wanted to be able to do more in life than just sit around a condo raising kids and trying to keep them under control. I think we have our work cut out for us now!

I bought two Yurts from Pacific Yurts in Oregon . These will be our new homes. This is the beginning of a new chapter of our lives with a whole NEW set of adventures... and yall get to come along for the ride!

I have more to write but no sense in trying to cramn it all into one post, its also really hard to type layin here with a wet cold puppy nose in my arm pit...

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