Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AbsoYurtly Amazing!

I fear the day I run out of 'Yurt' titles... truly fear it.

We have two baby boxer puppies.
They are adorable. NUTS, but... sweet. I often times try to imagine what its like being in a dogs head. However, I lose all ability to relate when I watch the brown one running around on the back deck with a dried out crispy dog turd in her mouth while occasionally flinging it about, then pouncing on it before it 'gets away'. This is only made worse by the white one (Abbigale) following the brown one (Olivia) around licking clean her behind. OM NOM NOM NOM! I'm not entirely sure why I'm bringing this up, except for the fact that I have had the joy of observing this... so I'm taking you down with me :-).

Get on with it right? Okay!

I was awakened yesterday afternoon from my lovely cat nap (busy morning) by a phone call from my insurance adjuster... *sigh*. I was informed that my truck is being written off. The damage was so extensive and severe from the accident (See March's post)the repairs were only 'estimated' to start at 13 thousand dollars... and thats at first glance. I know its just a vehicle, but it was heartbreaking to learn I was losing yet another important part of my life. The funny thing was that it never occurred to me that the vehicle wouldn't be repairable!

(hmmmmmmmmmmm... wonder where the bumper is...)


So I went and cleaned it out yesterday afternoon and said my teary-eyed-goodbyes.

As much as my human nature wants to sulk and pout about this and think 'why me?' or dwell on how much this whole thing sucks, I am instantly reminded of how much worse things could have been... soooooooooooooooooooooooo much wooooooooooooorse... and no matter what...

God is still God... and God is still good!

MY YURT HAS WINDOWS!!! wooo! Its been a long haul getting to this point and the project is still far from over... however... I can see the bottom of my bank account so I wish things would hurry up so I could stop hemorrhaging money and start focusing on recovering from this.

Again, my spirit is reminded of how BLESSED I am to have the opportunity to embark on such a wild and amazing journey! Thank you Lord for not allowing me to fall into my own stupidity of complaining and not seeing this for the true blessing it is! Even for the moment that we may be stretched and might even make me wriggle a little... I have no doubt that God does and will provide and that we can DO THIS... because, afterall, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Phil 4:13)

Annnnnnnnyways! I am contemplating going up to the property today to take pictures to share with yall of the fully installed wood stove and the 4 new glass windows that my brilliant builder and his team somehow figured out how to install. I'll pretend I didn't see Cliffy knick the top cover with his razor blade while cutting the side cover for the window opening haha! Hey, I might even think about locking the building up now that all the trades have been in and done. Apparently there are tonnes of people who catch wind of this project and stop by to 'check it out' which I totally don't mind... but its odd to think there are people up there in my house when I'm not around... so far... no damage.

I have been informed that the Yurt and I are the talk of the town up that way. I don't know that I'll ever get use to being the 'talk of the town'... but its probably not going to stop me from carrying on with my dreams and ideas and I have realized that from the first moment of landing on this island... I've pretty much been the topic of discussion... good and bad, non stop and it ain' gonna change anytime soon.

...just wait till I get the Alpacas up there... haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha...

So now all we are waiting for is the driveway to be fixed... I have been told a definite-maybe for next week by my dear, sweet, excavator-guy Darcy Garrett (Overdrive Carriers Inc). Everything hinges on this driveway!!! No pressure or anything Darcy O:-D. Maritime electric has made it clear its not going to take its trucks down the driveway to bring in power with the condition of the mud and goo (I can't blame em) and even IF we can get a day permit for the well drill to be transported (weight restrictions are in effect right now)... they couldn't get into the driveway and ever hope to get their drill back out... hehe... it would be kinda funny to watch how fast and deep it would sink. So we are at a standstill and hugely over budget... and that is ooooooookay because now I am powerless to wiggle my way out of this or finagle some kind of solution... its all up to God!

In the meantime... I'm just going to be tickled about my new stove and having glass windows that OPEN wooo!


  1. Very cool Amber!! Love it, youre Yurt and youre blog :)

  2. Thank you Cathy!!! Loved reading from you!

  3. Looks like fun Amber! Hi to you and your Mom (and the kids) from Luke and I :)