Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Does It Yurt When I Do This?

I think I wait too long between blogging and then end up with too much to say and it gets too long... and lets be honest here... no one really wants to read a long blog. I forget most of the events that transpire anyway. *sigh* oh if only I had more self-discipline and focus... yyyyyyyyyyyeah that'll happen!

Well, it feels like things at the property and Yurt are at a standstill... still. I am STILL waiting on my driveway to get fixed so that they can bring the well drill in and run hydro.

Mom and I are so far past being done with living together. As SOON as hydro and water are hooked up we are going to live at the yurt and finish the walls and flooring and fixtures while there. It will be like camping... in a really really REALLY big... tent.

I do have updated photos! My lovely builder guys kindly swept up and cleaned up the majority of the rubbish on the floors and the wood stove is installed completely and looks lovely. The windows are in! I am probably going to need STAIRS leading up to the patio to the front door... although I'm quite sure the lack of stairs might deter J.W.'s? *smile*

Oh AND I 'heard' from a friend at the University in town that my Yurt has been the topic of discussion at their engineering conference there. I am always amazed at how fast news travels and my best laid plans of putting it way back in the forest among the trees hidden from view... EVERYONE knows about it anyway. The eastern side of Kings County I get... but news has traveled far and fast to Charlottetown. I was half tickled by the news that my 'nifty' home is such a hit and source of interest to people here and the rest of me embarrassed that I or my projects are the topic of any discussion.


Do the windows seem a little bit high to anyone else?

Not to brag about my Daddy or anything, but I am blessed and my needs are so met (and beyond that most of the time). I try to never let my flesh underestimate God's power... but I am never not WOW'd by what He does!

I had the task presented to me, of finding a new vehicle for our family (since our last one was a lil banged up last month). At first I was terribly upset by the news that I would have to give up my Saturn and adjust to something new, but once I started looking I started to envision what i needed, like, more room, more seating, 4x4, tow package... and at a price I could afford!


I had to make a pro's and con's list of a compact vehicle compared to something larger like this. The con list for this size vehicle was only the gas consumption part of it. However, that thought was terrifying! What if I can't afford to drive it at all... lot of good that will do! After all, I was coming from driving this super economical Saturn SUV that supposedly had this amazing MPG rating. I prayed tonnes about it and researched it and mulled it over intensely trying to figure out if this would be God's will for us... esp since a compact SUV or other compact car does not seem to fit in our life in any way. Finally I just felt to JUMP IN and do it... and you know what I found out...

PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING! Turns out my Saturn wasn't all that great on gas! All this time I have been so tickled with a truck that I thought was being all efficient and such and it wasn't that much better than a v6 trailblazer! This is AWESOME good news to me because I am not much worse off in the fuel funding department as I truly feared I might be AND we have a truck that meets our needs, exceeds our expectations, and opens up new doors and opportunities to us... thank you God!

I have had to make a hard decision this last week to let one of my dogs go. Its too much having two puppies at the same time. I love them both so dearly and choosing between them has been heartbreaking at best. I realize, however, that neither of them are getting the loving and training they need together and that by splitting them up and finding one another loving home will give them both a fighting chance. They both have sooooooo much potential and its just being wasted.

Again, I prayed about this and posted her ad online and the next day we found the right home and they are coming all the way from Nova Scotia for her in two weeks! I could tell right away through emails that they are the right home and family for her and the funny part is that the ad is still listed and we have have ZILCH for calls or interest since... haha!

Okay so now onto the simple, delightful things! All the plants that I seeded are growing WAY FASTER than I anticipated. They are actually growing way faster than they even should be that I don't even know that I'll be able to get them in the ground before they decide to die in their little cups! I am so excited about having a veggie garden this year... so here is hoping they survive in seeder flats until they can get into the ground!

The plants are easily twice this size now!!!

These interesting ice formations were as a result of me leaving the hose running all night and it has a leaky washer... or something (I say that like I know something about something). With the temps well below 0 we were having and the steady light spray from the backed up faucet these cool bobbles of water on grass formed. the first picture is about 4 or 5 feet long just to give you an idea of how big the ice bobbles actually are. It was just fascinating to see!

My mothers dear, dear, sweet orange tabby... hes such a pain in the neck! I have been trying to get some sewing projects accomplished and hes determined that ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN! As I set out to do some patchwork/quilting, I lay out the pattern on the floor to check colours and see if it 'works'... Like so...

Then I turn my back for two seconds and the little turd comes along and...

Turns out hes stalking me while I work, lying in wait under furniture.  He waits for a moment that I am not looking and dives paws and head first into the fabric squares and then tears off down to the other end of the house... he has done this with three HUGE quilting projects... so now I take detailed photos of the layout so I don't have to have it laid out long... because it wont survive!

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